Some Pretty Socks :3


So while I finished it a bit ago, I’m finally coming round to show off the socks I knit for the boyfriend. I did it with a knitty pattern–you can’t see the knit purl diamonds well unless you’re up close. (I do believe the pattern is called “waffle diamond socks”). In any case, I knit it with a ball of the Gaia’s Colours sock yarn I had, which is an absolute treat, on size 0 needles.

Waffle Diamond Sock

I did slightly different things for each sock, so one is a little bigger than the other by mistake.


The major big difference was the type of heel I used for each sock. For the left sock, I did a peasant heel from the lingerie knitting book. Since I hate picking up stitches, I’m not surprised that I didn’t much care for the heel.


The other heel was the one that came with the pattern, that had a gusset and heel flap. It’s the first time I’ve done a heel flap sock, and I quite like how it turned out–the eye of partridge pattern is really nice to look and it feels super cozy.

eye of patridge heel flap

I absolutely despise a plain 1×1 rib–it feels painful on my hands and takes forever. So naturally I like to try and play with my ribs a bit more. For each sock I did a different rib–the first sock is a sailor’s rib from the Second Treasury, and the second sock is a cable rib from Cables Untangled. I really like the cable rib and could see using it again.

Sailor's Rib

Cable Rib

The boyfriend likes them, which makes me quite happy. He’s taken to only wearing them around the apartment, despite the fact I made them to be worn just in general (they’re even superwash!). But they do keep his feet warm, which is the big thing. :3 And he likes them.

Tonight he’s making homemade lasagna and then taking me to see “Rent” while it’s in town. He sprung the tickets on me as a surprise, which was just too sweet. Until then, I’m going to try and make some homemade wheat noodles!


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