Psuedo-Rolags, Rosemary Knits, and Yarn


So far school has been bound and determined to take up my time and so has the boyfriend. I don’t mind the boyfriend, cause he’s lovely and sweet and it’s good but I do mind school.

A favourite blogger of mine has been Rosemary of Rosemary Knits. She’s always inspired me to try and become a better spinner and actually knit with what I spin. While looking through some of her older posts, I came across one on psuedo-rolags. Having just tried to spin my bamboo fiber again (which is oh so finicky and hates to be spun if I use my usual predrafting methods), I was frustrated anew. So I tried out a psuedo-rolag and voila! While it still wants to be finicky, I don’t mind, because it spins a zillion times better.

On the spindle, psuedo-rolags, and the fiber braid

The rolags are really quite tiny, and I took a picture of one. When I get to some other ones I’ve created with the dyed fiber samples, you’ll see the bamboo rolls up a ton tighter than the corridale. It’s next to a US 6 in this picture.


Which brings me to the next bit–MORE psuedo-rolags. I have a new spindle on the way I plan on trying out with these lovely bits. I just wanted something to do with all those colour samples I had lying around, and so voila.

While I didn’t name all of them, I did name one due to a friend who has a thing for purple and orange. I’m hoping that it stripes like I think it will when I spin it.


There are some others, and the one really fluffy one was before I started really making them compact with the knitting needle.

Brown and purple

Strawberry melon (it looks so edible)

Storm blue and orange--meant to have really long stripes

I’m hoping to basically make one rainbow coloured yarn. I’m trying to make sure everything looks good with everything else, of course, so I’ll probably be dyeing some new colours as I’m not sure what could possibly follow up the strawberry melon one.

Then I also have hat yarn! While I haven’t gotten started on either yet, I do plan on knitting a gauge swatch for the boy’s hat. I’m thinking of having a manly cabled beanie, but I’ll see. I really like the yarn–it’s super smooshy Tosh merino by madelinetosh–the colour is jade. It’s singles, and a dream to touch.

Jade tosh merino

And then mine is finally getting a chance to indulge in some Lorna’s Lace! I got a DK weight in purple iris, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to knit another Fern Glade hat (since the other way a gift and I really did like that hat).

Shepard Sport Purple Iris

Then I found some handspun singles in the back of my favourite antique store! They’re even still on their bobbin. I thought it was so awesome. I’m thinking on plying them together and then figuring out what to make depending on how much yardage there is. While not exactly the same, I think the colours are close enough to look good plied. The least sheeny one is definitely wool, and I think the sheeny one is probably some type of plant, but I’m not sure what.

The left is wool, right is plant(?)

Very fine lovely lace. This is next to size 6 needle again.

And I do believe that’s all. I’m going to hopefully have the boy’s socks done soon, as well as Mroo’s arm warmers with their evil pattern of inunderstandability.

Cheerio all!


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