Pricing Thoughts


So with me wanting to move into actually selling my lace work, one of my bigger thoughts has been concerned around pricing. I don’t want to charge exhorbiant amounts, but after some browsing of stuff of similar skill level/size, I realize that I don’t want to undercharge. I especially don’t considering that it takes so much time to make a decently large scarf out of lace weight, let alone a shawl.

I have figured out a little, and it will most likely be adjusted based off what happens in the future. I’m not sure what my per hour rate would be–of if I wouldn’t do a per two hours, since just a small portion of a scarf can take upwards of two to three hours. This becomes somewhat important to know as well, since I may also do commissioned dreads on occassion.

So, here’s a general idea so far:

Scarves would most likely run about $30-$50. Shawls would run around $75-$100. Commissioned work would be price of supplies + $8/hour. Due to how much of this is skilled labour–and yes, even a plain garter can be skilled–I think that is pretty fair. If you see a scarf that I have knit, and would prefer it with a different fiber (merino instead of cotton, or silk instead of merino or some such) I will help you pick out the appropriate yarn in the fiber and colour you would like and knit it. Other than cost of the supplies–which may vary–the item will be equivalent in both pattern and quality to the original listed item. It is very unlikely that I will do the same for a shawl; however, feel free to ask. Maybe I’m feeling risky or some such.

Other items than scarves or shawls are perfectly okay to request. It is very likely I will offer fingerless gloves/wristlets, and commissioned sweaters are also feasible. Large projects such as blankets, bedspreads, and table cloths are also options, and I may knit one every year or so. While lace is my main focus, items with cabling are also enjoyed and may go up for sale on occassion. If you see a knitting pattern–please, only knitting; I do not crochett–that you like, please contact me about the possibility of knitting it for you if you can’t knit or simply don’t have the time.

Hand-dyed items will most likely be slightly cheaper, because undyed yarn is (generally) cheaper. However, this is taken at the fact that there would be less uniform colour throughout–dyes do not set perfectly evenly.

If an item is requested to be done with my handspun, price will be cost of fiber to be used, time to spin the needed amount of fiber, and time to knit up the item. It would be knit either with singles, double ply, or navajo ply (triple ply). Note that double and navajo will take two/three times as much single to be spun respectively, and as such will cause price to go further up (as it takes more time). Time in this case would still be $8 per hour, as spinning an even single and then plying it appropriately can be a very trying task.

Occasionally I may offer spun lace singles; these will most likely be cost of fiber + $10-$15 depending on how much was spun and how much time it took. Generally, I’ll try and keep costs relatively low on lace singles I offer, and as such they will be handdyed since a pound of undyed fiber is much cheaper than the predyed stuff.

Lace singles may also be requested, and follow cost of fiber + time, as with all other commissions.

If you have another yarn/fiber based endeavour, please feel free to contact me. I am currently working with Shannon of Mroo Art on a commision of some fiber/yarn dread locks. If everything goes smoothly, it is possible I will begin offering dread locks on a commissioned basis only.

I do ask that all commissions be place at least three months prior to when they are desired. While I can often knit up things fairly quickly, I do also have other things to do as a university student. Especially large projects must be requested at least six months prior–shawls, bedspreads, curtains, ect all take a great deal of time on my part to get done, and to make sure they are done without error.

Shipping costs are not included in any of these figures–shipping will most likely be a flat $3.99 to anywhere in the States, and adjusted accordingly when being shipped not in the states. Items will be shipped wrapped in tissue in a box unless otherwise requested. Special items will be adjusted for weight. An invoice will also be included; all items must be paid for prior to being shipped. Commissioned items will be cost of supplies used and supplies being shipped to me (if necessary) before any work is begun, with payment upon completion of the item before it is sent to you.

Jeez, that was rather exhaustive. Hopefully you people can let me if this seems like a fair/reasonable dealio?


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