Finalized Lace Design


I’ve finalized a scarf that I plan on selling. It will most likely be done in Plymouth Lace Alpaca, in their very nice pink colour. Super soft, and very spring love. Or I’ll do it in a partial silk mix and dye it–I have a few ideas for a good purple that I’ve been contemplating.

In any case, enough talk. Here’s two images of the sample I knitted up. While the edge hasn’t been put on, it’s a nice standard Estonian lace edge that will compliment very nicely. At first I was hesitant about using the full three Garbo panels for the border, after blocking and realizing how much more scarf there is left to do. Since it’s big enought o be a small shawl or large scarf, I’ll likely sell it as such. It will also be knit in two pieces (so the butterflies are going ‘up’ on both sides) and grafted together in the center.

Really enough talk.

Closer up view; mercanized crochet cotton

Less close view; 1.5 reps of liblikari pattern

It’s knit out of size 10 crochet mercanized cotton on US2 needles; roughly the same size as the alpaca lace or kilara that I plan on using. I will probably knit it on the size 2 as well, to keep it close to this size–at present it’s about 18″ across after blocking, which seems a very good size.

If knit with the plymouth, it will likely run about $30+, depending on if I have to use both skeins. I’m also curious about selling the pattern after I finish, since I know I’d never be able to knit enough for demand if it’s well liked.

That, I do believe, is all I got for today. Cheerio!


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