Synthesia Pattern–Slightly Altered


Hello hello! Below you shall find pictures of my alteration on the Synesthesia Socks that Sarah made over at Bella Knitting. <a href=””>link</a&gt; Originally, they were just going to be green, but the dark green doesn’t show the lace off well. So I started to try alternating colours! I used Knit Picks Stroll in Pine, Ash, African Violet, and Glacial.

The sock is toe up, with a short row heel instead of the one she had. What can I say, short row appeals to me more. Also, I change the cuff–mine is a modification of the rib 2 from Cables Untangled. [Two rows of p2 k2. Third row p2 front cross cable until end.] Repeat once. Cast off was a suspended bind off using both strands of yarn.

Anyway, enough of my talk, here’s the sock!

synthesia socks 001

synthesia socks 002

synthesia socks 003

synthesia socks 004

synthesia socks 005


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