Selling things, A hat, and a yarn closet!


Hello hello!! A semi big post with plenty o pictures to feast your eyes on.

First, a self plug–I’m slowly getting together a store for selling my handknit items. It will primarily be lace. I’ll likely post pictures of each up here before they ever get listed, seeing as they are projects! 

So the intarsia gift is finished and sent away. It’s found a good home with my friend Mroo. Since I was so rushed to get it to her on time (well, it was a self-imposed deadline, but dammit, I was going to keep it!) she’ll be sending pictures later. Then I’ll post them up here.

Moving along, I just finished another gift, a hat from the Winter 08 issue of Knitty (Fern Glade pattern I do believe) in KnitPicks Merino Style storm. Pictures to follow in a moment; the pattern itself was wonderful to knit, stayed interesting, and was really quite easy once I got the feel for it. The gauge is larger than what it should have been, but my ribbing always ends up too wide and in the end I don’t think it’s affected the pattern much. It took a while to wash for blocking, if only because I was paranoid I might felt it by accident–nevermind I’ve never done it to anything else. I’m just glad it’s done.

Seed stitch between the ferns.Seed stitch between the ferns.

The fern patternThe fern pattern

Still on the blocking plate, the top of the hat.Still on the blocking plate, the top of the hat.

The hat on a human head (mine!). The hat on a human head (mine!).

My stuffed horse OLiReH models the hat for us.My stuffed horse OLiReH models the hat for us.

On the spinning front, I just finished the first two ounces of my Capistrano fiber “Sargasseo Sea,” the lovely BFL. It’s making a lovely laceweight, and I’m up to probably about 500 yards (an estimate, as I haven’t counted the last batch).

Capistrano Fiber BFL is drying. There's a lot of teal in the middle, which you can't see here.Capistrano Fiber BFL is drying. There’s a lot of teal in the middle, which you can’t see here.

And to wrap up, I finally got a yarn closet! So here’s a picture of the closet open, and all the glorious stash in it. I plan on hopefully not ending up with more than I can fit in this thing, but let’s be realistic.


The top has knitting books. First shelf is needles, niddy noddy, spindles, ect. Second shelf is current projects/fiber being used, vinegar and soap for the yarn, and little knicks to easily reach. Third is yarn, vaguely arranged right to left, lace weight to bulky. Fourth is the fiber shelf, and last is the finished/needs to be frogged things and blocking mats.

Wow, that was a ton. Probably more than I’ve posted in a while. Now, allow me to write up another post and schedule it to go up later so that I don’t forget!



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