So there hasn’t been a project I can knit in one sitting–and we aren’t counting samples, since even some of those can’t be done in one sitting (should I mention the 44 row trellis lace pattern??). Besides which, I have a job outside of knitting, which allows me to buy new tasty yarn and awesome things, so in the end, it’s probably for the best.

With that said, I’ve noticed a few things that make it easier for me to sit down and pick up with fewer errors–especially since I’ve been doing so much lace knitting.

1. Ending at the beginning of a purl / WS row. Since there’s so much space, it allows my hands to get use to the finer yarn again, and comfortable with the needles before I dive into the fun stuff of yo and k3tog.

2. Charts. Maybe I’m spoiled now, but ever since I first used a chart I’ve never wanted to go back. I adore them. With a trusty postit to mark where I am in the chart–and keep me from accidently knitting the row just one below/above–I tend not to lose my place or what I’m supposed to be doing as much.

3. Stopping if I’ve continued to make mistakes to the point of frustration. There’s a point where you just gotta set the knitting down and chill for a bit. Come back to it later. Yarn block sucks, but I suppose everyone has their off days. (My doesn’t that sound arrogant.)

With that said, does anyone else have these sorts of ideas?

On the pattern front, I frogged the scarf I mentioned because I just couldn’t get it right and the errata. It just was more frustration than I felt it was worth. I will most likely go back to it. Instead, I’m working on a summer garden pattern, though at the moment I’m just knitting a test to see how it works. There’s details to be worked out with the panel I chose–it needs some more defining and widening–and whether or not I’ll ever want to knit a rose trellis again. Which looks a yes, since it’s very pretty.

The shawl for my friend still sits, mocking me. Now that I’m not messing up every two seconds, it seems safe to pick it back up and continue onward.

Also, since I figured I should mention it, I’ve added a contact page. For those who have just come across this, I’ve also added my Twitter account to same page; it’s FelicityGS on Twitter.

With that, good night and farewell!


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