Navajo Plying on a Drop Spindle


So while perusing the vast internet for spinning things (which is how I spend the dull days at work), I discovered something rather marvelous–a technique for how to navajo ply on the fly with a drop spindle. If you spin a lot, you may already know about Tammy Rizzo’s on the fly navajo ply technique. If you don’t, then you can see the instructions at the link. <a href=””>link</a&gt;

In any case, I naturally had to give it a go. Now the bamboo that I was plying is a fairly even worsted weight; the thing about it is is that I went back and plied it AFTER I had spun a fair amount. I basically just dropped the step where you spin some more single.

Then, I tried the technique on the fly, as it was intended, with some scrap blue merino. I can safely say that plying on the fly is not for me–the yarn is very uneven, unbalanced despite my pausing to test for balance, and likes to break when spinning the singles. This is probably due to a lack of practice on my part, but I much prefer plying all the singles then going back.

If you haven’t tried this out, give it a whirl (pun intended :P ) . If you have, feel free to leave a comment about your own experiences!


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