More Shenanigans


My current predicament? I’m too lazy to take pictures again after having to do a system restore. I’ve got nearly everything backed up, but I want the pictures to be up to date, which the most certainly aren’t.

So instead, I come bearing some brief reviews on recent books I’ve acquired:

Amigurumi Knits is a really wonderful book. The pictures are clean and easy to understand, there’s plenty of instruction, and the projects are all cute and fun. I’ve just recently used a up a bit of yarn I thought I’d never have a project for; this is a book for people who need to bust their stash. I’m just glad to have a use for all the novelty yarn and worsted weight that I bought years ago and never use now that I enjoy doing lace.

Second Treasury of Knitting is epic. There’s a few dozen things I want to try out in it already, but that will have to wait while I work on fixing a lace alteration. There’s plenty of lace, but that isn’t the only thing that I want to try out of this book by a long shot. Even if I ignore all the colour work completely, there’s plenty more techniques and tricks well worth trying out.

Cables Untangled is my go to book for socks now. Socks are so boring without any design, and with my disdain for colour work, throwing in a few cables is always good. There’s plenty of ribs that make for pretty cuffs, and it certainly sates my need for cables. The pictures are very clear and there’s plenty of instruction. The book, though, suffers from what many knitting books do for me–not really any pattern I want to knit. Oh sure, that blanket on the cover would be awesome to do, but I think that was all that really caught my eye. Granted, I don’t care for sweaters, or pillow covers.

And I do believe that’s all for now. I’ve got more books, but I can’t see their titles from here. Hopefully that tides you all over for a time!


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