Lace Sampler Scarf


Hallo all! Today I want to share with you my obnoxiously long lace sampler scarf I decided to knit up.
I’m 5’9″, and it’s /still/ longer when I hold it over my head.

Long, as I said. But I adore long scarves, and this just means I have plenty to wrap around my head and neck. I was most surprised because prior to blocking it was only about 5 feet long. It obviously grew a bit.

It’s knit out of about 200 yards of Knit Picks bulky weight Suri yarn–a very fuzzy 100% alpaca yarn, so very cozy and warm too. You won’t find that colour though–I had some left over white from the blanket I knit my friend, and so I decided to redye the two skeins in a very pretty colour I accidently made while dyeing. I’m calling it peacock green, and it’s mostly blue green with the ocassional bit of really dark blue-purple.

I did the two skeins differently, as you can see from the edges–the edge was pour dyed in a crock pot, while the main part of the scarf was plopped into a big pot of hot water that had the dye in it already. Huge difference, but truly the same dye baths–even same dye concentration!
Scarf folded over; darker skein used for main part of scarf.

Scarf folded over; darker skein used for main part of scarf. The edge on this side is the Narrow Points edge.

Now it’s a lace sampler, so it has all sorts of bits of lace. I started knitting it on the way to the Neal Smith Pairie Conservation with my environmental class, so the first part was just really simple webbing and faggoting, since I couldn’t remember anything else offhand. (Edges will be discussed seperate, as they were knitted on last).

webbing and faggoting

The next part of note is the Estonian cookie pattern. I’d been wanting an excuse to try it out for ages now, and suddenly found myself with a scarf that I didn’t want to do boring stuff on. So I did that for two repeats or so.

Estonian cookie pattern

While this oriented differently, it’s almost directly after the cookie pattern. It’s a faun’s eye lace–Barbara Walker’s Second Knitting Treasury–that I thought looked very nice. I also did a Milanese lace and few others from that book. However, I didn’t picture everything since I basically would switch lace if I messed up a row too horribly or what have you; this is a stress relieving project and not a gift, so I wasn’t worried about having mistakes in it.

Faun's Eye Lace

Milan Lace

Finally, I got out Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman. I used the Narrow Points lace edge on one side, and the Waves Edge on the other–I’m really very fond of the Waves Edge, and I think the colour of the second skein suits it perfectly. While I was tempted to do something from Heirloom Knitting, but my favourite edge was way too big for just this scarf. I suppose I’ll just have to use the wedding lace edge on a proper shawl!

Wave Edge

In other news, I’ve obviously moved and finally got myself a new companion–the lovely Phalaenopsis orchid. I named her Vera–even though Vera would be a perfect name for an aloe plant looking back on it. In either case, here’s a very good crisp shot of her blooms.



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