Jesh Spindles–Review


UPDATE JUNE 10TH–The review below is no longer accurate to my feelings about Jesh or her work. There will be an updated review to come. I will leave this one here for posterity, but it is INACCURATE to the service that I have received.


Spinning is something that I’m relatively new to, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how important a well-balanced spindle is. Two of my favourite spindles are by Jesh, whose store is at Etsy. <a href=””>link</a&gt;

The first spindle I got is the one I’ve been using most. It’s got a polymer clay whorl with a rosewood shaft; the whorl is 2″ diameter, 10″ long, and it weighs 1 oz. You may have seen it before if you’re a regular visitor to this blog. The balance is absolutely wonderful, and the spindle is just as beautiful.

This standard is used for all of Jesh’s spindles. The second spindle I have from her shop is a beautiful agate whorl with a dark rosewood shaft. It’s 1.8 oz , the whorl slightly larger at 2.2″ diameter. And, much like my other, it is absolutely beautiful to look at as well.

If you love beautiful spindles, I highly suggest you go and look around for one from her. And if she doesn’t have one that you want, she does do custom ones. ((I’m currently getting a bottom whorl one made in the same style as my lighter, polymer clay one)). Once again, her shop is at here.


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