I actually didn’t write a post earlier cause I’m lazy


So another post, and so soon. But no pictures.

I just discovered the errata for the Knitted Lace of Estonia book, and I’m quite irate, since I couldn’t find it before. Maybe I’m retarded, but I ended up having to google for the errata, and still couldn’t see how to get to it from the Interweave Press main page. Oh well. It’s not a huge deal since–due to some mistakes I made very early on–I’ll be offering the scarf for cost of yarn and shipping; discounted scarf basically.

Hopefully the next project won’t be such a screw up.

I also discovered how really useful the Heirloom Knitting website is. It’s really quite nice, and I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of that book (as well as the first two Stitch Dictionaries and a book on lace edges). I thought my heart lay with cables in knitting, and I haven’t given up on them. I really wouldn’t mind combining the two at some point in the future.

Another note is that I’ve gotten really good at making nupps in the short time that I’ve been doing them. They really aren’t that difficult to knit loosely–but we’ll test that when I do it with a plant fiber yarn.

Also, any recommendations on cone yarn? I think I may order the smaller balls of Heirloom Knittings stuff, just to test it, but I figure I might want to wait until I get done with both the scarf, the shawl a friend asked me to make, and the little dragon I’m going to make.

I really really will post a review of Twilight Knits handdyed yarn very soon in the future, as she’s simply amazing and always friendly. Plus, I’m getting a custom dye lace weight from her shortly.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, and talk later. Take care and happy knitting!


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