Bamphf Pattern Instructions


Here are the basic instructions for how to create your own Bamphf.  Please realize that this is made for someone with 36-27-40 measurements (all that’s inches), and the bust/top of arms is particularly tight.  Gauge is KEY  in this piece.

I used just over 6 skeins of the Lamb’s Pride Bulky, so somewhere around 750 yards.

Using 10 1/2 US size needles, I had a gauge of 2 1/3 stitches to the inch and 5 rows to the inch using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.  You’ll need at least one set of 1o.5 US circulars, 3 holders for the arms/body, and 2 stitch holders.  ((I’d recommend just having three different circular needles instead of the holders for arms/body, as it makes it easier to move things.))

I’m dividing this up into three parts–the body, the arms, and then joining them all together for the neck.


To start, cast on 95 stitches. ((I use cable cast on, I think it looks nice on most things))
Work in 2 x 2 ribbing for 6 inches. ((purl 2, knit 2))

Switch to st st. Dec 4 stitches every 6th round, two on either side until 73 stitches remain. ((30 rounds worked))

Work st st for 1 inch (5 rounds). [[This is for the part of the waist that doesn’t change]]

Continue in st st, inc 4 stitches every 8 rounds now, two on either side, until 86 stitches remain. ((25 rounds))

Put on hold until arms are completed.

You will need two of these. Amazing, I know.

Cast on 42 stitches ((use the same cast on as you did for the body))

work 3″ in 2×2 ribbing (p2, k2)

switch to st st, decreasing 2 stitches every 9 rounds until 26 stitches remain. [[I’d recommend doing this where you want the under arm of the sleeve to be]]

Continue in st st for another 35 rounds.

Mark where the halves of the body are with stitch markers.

Move the body onto the working needles. 4 stitches before the 1st marker, put those 4 stitches on a stitch holder. Take one of the sleeves, and slide 8 stitches onto the same stitch holder. Slip 4 stitches from the other side of the marker onto the stitch holder and close holder. Slip the remaining arm stitches onto the working needle by the body.

Repeat when you get 4 stitches away from the other stitch marker. [[These are your armpits]]

Do one inch of st st all the way around to join sleeves and body together. ((5 rounds))

Work 4 rounds in 3×3 rib (p3, k3).

Bind off.

Graft the armpits together. For grafting instructions, please see this article at Techniques with Theresa–Grafting

Washer up with the instructions with your yarn. Generic instructions when nonsuperwash wool is involved:

Place in hot hot hot soapy water and let soak. Do NOT fiddle, this will felt your yarn. After 10-20 minutes, remove and place in vinegar water (1/8 cup vinegar + water) of similar temp to what you just took it from. Allow to soak 10 minutes. Remove, and begin rinising by similar placing in water and soaking. Make sure that the water each change is close to what it just came out of to avoid felting. Once done, get a few towels, roll the sweater in it, then STOMP. Get as much excess water out as possible. Lay flat to air dry.


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